145 OXFORD - 110 LAST

145 OXFORD - 110 LAST

This particular model seems to really get a lot of attention right now: introducing the 145 Oxford from Viberg. The shoes are as heritage as they come, but Vibram sole definitely adds a slight twist to them.

The upper is constructed with buttery-soft brown chromexcel that will only get softer over time. The upper is stitched down to the Antique brown midsole, with the brown Vibram sole on the bottom. From a far, the sole might look really thick, but that's only because the midsole and sole have the same colour and appear to be one layer altogether. However that's what i really enjoy about the shoes.

Square cowhide laces; also come in with an extra pair of waxed laces for a more formal look
The two lines of stitching indicates stitchdown construction
Vibram® Brown 2021 sole


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