Founded in Japan in 2009, Curly focused on producing the finest quality and stylish cut-and-sew garments–all designed and crafted at its independently run factory. Curly pays pays meticulous attention when it comes to creating superior original fabrics and utilizing the highest production techniques.

While being inspired by many aspects of work, sports, and military, Curly aims to deliver well-designed and high-detailed garments with superior comfort and modern look for everyone's daily life.

Curly takes its name from the end of curled cut-and-sew fabric in sewing.


Curly’s original company was founded in Kagawa, Japan in 1963 as a glove maker; where 90% of the best glove-making productions were located in Japan. Five years later in 1968, Curly established a new factory making other apparels including t-shirts and undergarment using elaborate technique obtained from extensive knowledge in glove-making. 

With the risen appreciation of Japanese yen, Curly was forced to change its business from mainly exporting to concentrating on the domestic market in Japan–and succeeded. It is the factory's goal to create the highest quality products while constantly improving the production line.

While many of Curly's competitors moved their production to overseas to take advantage of the cheap labor, Curly stayed true to its roots: domestic production.

In 2009, Curly joined force with its current designer Hiroyuki Ito and began producing Curly as we know it today–under the same concept: producing superior cut-and-sew garments domestically. Ito and the factory work closely and collaboratively at the factory – under the same roof.


Photos and video referenced from Curly & Co official website
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