Earl's Apparel : Stan Ray "Original Fit" Fatigue Pants

Earl's Apparel : Stan Ray "Original Fit" Fatigue Pants

This, everyone, is my favourite from Earl's Apparel: Stan Ray "Origianl Fit" Fatigue Pants . The fatigue pants are constructed with substantiel cotton twill that's both durable and breatheable, making these pants a-must for this SS17; although I'd wear my personal pair year round. The original fit features a high waist (vintage point +1), roomy upper block (vintage point +1), straight leg (vintage point +1), and wide leg opening (vintage point +1). This particular colourway that we got our friend Christian to model in is the Black Twill – 100% cotton, 100% comfort.

Being a vintage-inspired piece of garment, you can have a lot more fun with the fatigue pants  by mix-and-matching them with your Hypebeast sneakers as well!

EARL'S APPAREL | Stan Ray 'Original Fit' Fatigue Pants - Black Twill

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