Kaweco's iconic compact fountain pens have been circulating around Europe and America since the very beginning of the 20th century and quickly become  a must-have fountain pen among the office workers, and later, pen and stationery aficionados. Today, Kaweco has pumped out many pen and pencil options, and other add-on accessories to tempt its audience, including this fancy Brass Sport Fountain Pen.

The entire pen is made from heavyweight solid brass that will only develop beautiful patinas with time.

trimmed off with many engraved metal details.

Engraved metal nib can also be replaced with other colours and sizes of nib–this particular Brass Sport Fountain Pen comes with a F (fine) point silver nib.

The length of the pen is only 13.5 cm long.

Engraved detail underneath the nib.

Located inside of the solid brass barrel is the ink cartridge.

The default ink is blue.

Inside the feed that connects to the nib.

Simply push the ink cartridge into the feed and the pen is ready to go.

One of the many appeals of the fountain pen is that you get to personalize it, like adding a gold Sport Nostalgic Octagonal Clip.

If you are not fond of the default blue ink, other colours of ink can also be purchased like this Pearl Black ink.

Gold and silver: Steel Sport Fountain Pen is also available for purchase. Tin Box Short "Nostalgic" is free when purchased any of these Steel or Brass Sport Fountain Pen.

Enjoy writing!