The highly anticipated Roamer Shirt from Merry Company finally made a landing at our Gastown store and they surely do not disappoint. All other good things aside, the Roamer Shirt is packed with little intricate details like the pleated front placket and the voluminous envelope chest pocket (I got this term from an OG garment manufacturer with over 50 years of experience under his belt). 

For those who are into sizing up on their tops, this is a good opportunity for you to wildly oversize on the Roamer Shirt as they do fit more relaxed, and can look very stylish sized up or oversized. Our model Takara here is wearing his regular JP size 2 or US Medium, and you can see that there is plenty of room in the shirt.

Paired up with stone-washed ripstop Wide Easy Pants from Anachronorm. The boxy shirt sure looks good with wide pants. Anachronorm Wide Pants Black are currently on sale as well!

The fabric is lightweight cotton twill that is crisp and will develop unique characteristics when worn and wrinkled up. The placket – as mentioned before – is a key feature: the fully pleated front pocket that also covers half of the Mother of Pearl buttons. The colour of the fabric has a slight green tint to it and is not completely black.

The chest pocket may look flat from the front but it is in fact extended on the sides and bottom, making it spacious and simply head-turning. 

Our model is 5'8", and is wearing:

Merry Company Roamer Shirt Ash - sz. 2

Anachronorm Wide Easy Pants Black - sz. 2 [sale]

Danner Postman  *customized*