Two Cats Brand vs. Tourists

Two Cats Brand vs. Tourists

Meow everyone,

TCB never disappoints us with their products, like this TCB 50s Denim Jacket that you get both quality and bang for your buck. The jacket is constructed with comfy-weight 13.5 oz of nothing but my favourite hairy Zimbabwe selvedge denim. Because it's Zimbabwe cotton denim, it will only get softer and softer, but at the same time, withhold the beating that may have caused by your daily activities (dirt, sweat, saliva, lava, etc.). The TCB 50s Denim Jacket, along with the whole collection from the Two Cats Brand, are currently available at NiftyDo Seoul only.

TCB | 50s Denim Jacket

MERRY COMPANY | Merry Tee - White

EARL'S APPAREL | Expedition Fatigue Pants - OD

CONVERSE | Chuck Taylor 1970s Hi's

 Tourist season is among us, and it doesn't take very long before someone asks us to take photos for them when we take a stroll for a quick photoshoot.