Brad AKA jawnzer

Brad AKA jawnzer

It's been a minute since we had this gentleman at the store. Brad was curious and wanted to have a closer look at the new-new from Viberg in person. Being the biggest denim-and-boot enthusiast in BC, Brad's approved of the selection of leather upper and last options that we have here at NiftyDO – he took a liking of to the 'Black Ortho Calf' Service Boots quite a bit. Follow his denim-and-boot journey on Instagram.

Thank you so much for picking up the Merry Co Indigo Henley Tee. Here's his steezy outfit he came in with:

Studio D'artisan D1672

White's Boots that have been beat up every single day at work for 2 years (I think he said 2 years...)