OG Gilles Elie Cohen [Google his name]

OG Gilles Elie Cohen [Google his name]

Our first customer of the day was in the market for some rugged Japanese blue jeans, we did not disappoint Gilles with our selection of raws. This man is super energetic and enthusiastic about everything. I found some of the things that Gilles said to me to be entertaining–this dude simply made my day.

"Back when I was young, if you wear blue jeans, you're really somebody!"

"Wash my jeans?! Never! My mom'd try to wash my jeans, me at 12 years of age, I was very upset!" 

Then we started talking about photography and he revealed his identity as a former photographer. Gilles is currently into cinematography and has been producing documentary works. 

Check out some of his past photographic works:

If you'd like to see more of his works, let's just say, google his name.

Gilles left the store wearing out a pair of rugged JB0401 14.8 oz Texas Cotton Selvedge - Tapered Fit.